About DMJ Beauty

Hey y'all! We are Jerrica and Lorkeya, better known as DMJ Beauty. All handmade products but the two of us. The sister duo who decided to step into the beauty business. We started as DMJ Essentials in 2018 with just body butter, bath bombs, and lipstick. We then thought hmmm... how about going into the beauty world? Boom! Name change and more products!

We took a break to really dive deep into our business. To study and to learn formulations, take classes on where and how are oils and butters works, and how to make more colors for our lipsticks. Also learning the safest way to make our products so we protect our customers and ourselves. Along the way we have given so many samples, gave up a couple of times, and cried because when we put our all into something and it doesn't go how you think it will, it kind of defeats you. But..... when you start your business in honor of the strong willed woman that raised you, you don't quit.

DMJ Beauty is named after our grandmother who passed away in 2016. She was the best thing that ever happened to us and we thought what better way to honor her than beauty products?

We hope you have learned a little about us and love the products that we make!